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I have always been fascinated by video games and their ability to conjure visions out of a metal box. The demoscene[?] turned this into a kind of sport, making the most out of limited resources; while I haven't (yet?) entered a competition, I always love watching entries. For a long time, I was also part of a gaming community; it has since faded away, and so has my time available to play games, but my fascination remains.

My interest nowadays mostly lies on the other side: making games; more specifically, the graphics part of it. I currently work at Intel as a Software Engineer, where I make use of my BSc. in Computer Science (major in Software Engineering) by developing Mesa, the Linux graphics driver.

I am fluent in English and French, and can get by in German (although my vocabulary is quite army-specific). I have lived and worked in several cultural areas, and feel comfortable in multicultural settings.


Software Engineer at Intel, London UK
  • Working on Mesa with a focus on Window System Integration (EGL & Vulkan WSI)
  • Worked directly on EGL (proprietary implementation), DRI (as a Mesa module), DRM (legacy, not atomic).
  • Responsible as a team for the integration with multiple distributions and their window system, including Android, Chromeos (& Arc++), Wayland, Xorg, as well as customer-specific undisclosed ones
  • Personally responsible for the proprietary EGL implementation
  • Implemented several EGL extensions
  • Introduced or added to the use of compiler features and other tools to check for, prevent, and fix bugs, including: GCC attributes, GCC's and LLVM/Clang's sanitizers, Valgrind, sparse, and coccinelle
  • Open-source contributions (mostly Mesa and the Linux kernel)
Sergeant Major in the Swiss Army
  • Managed a small team planning the communication infrastructures and equipments at Company & Battalion level.
  • Managed the deployment and setup of these systems, and ensured their full usability during exercises.
Internship at the EPFL, Switzerland
  • Helpdesk
  • System administration
  • Tech support & inventories
  • Setup and configuration
  • First level tech support


BSc in Computer Science, major in Software Engineering
University of Applied Sciences (HEIG-VD), Yverdon, Switzerland
Computer Science CFC + MPTi
ETML, Lausanne, Switzerland


ASFC Leadership & Management Certificate
SVF-ASFC, Swiss Association for Education on Leadership


Open-Source contributor and advocate

Regular contributions to numerous open-source projects, most notably Mesa, the open-source userspace graphics driver stack, and DRM, the graphics subsystem of the Linux Kernel.

I strongly believe that when possible, code should be open-source, and support & new features (incl. new hardware) is what companies should charge for.

ArchLinux package manager

Maintaining some AUR packages (ArchLinux User Repository), as well as contributing to other people's packages.

Founding member, servers manager, treasurer
Swiss Gaming Community

French-speaking association for gamers, organizing LANs[?] and other gatherings as well as online activities.

Technical skills

I am proficient in various languages, including C/C++, Python, Bash, Meson, Makefile, and many others, but I have little interest in using other ones professionally.

APIs I have worked with include, in rough order of experience, Vulkan, EGL, Wayland, DRM KMS (libdrm), OpenGL/GLES, Xlib, XCB.